Welcome to the ladies of Tuk Muk

Nine beautiful hens and one handsome rooster have joined the Tuk Muk family! Shawn and I spent a sunny morning at Baxter Barn in Fall City, WA admiring the amazing selection of chickens, ducks, turkeys, guinea fowl and the most colorful pheasants I’ve ever seen. Plus the cutest, fuzziest mini donkeys ever.

After a little clucking (ha ha) we settled on a mixed flock of Wellsummers, Easter Eggers, Buff Orpingtons and one Black Sexlink. They’ll live inside our hoop house for a few weeks while they get used to their new environment. It didn’t take long before they were pecking at feed and tasty, protein-rich, dried mealworms. Once they’re a little older and a little bigger, we’ll move them out onto the pasture to range for bugs, worms, grass and seeds. In exchange, they’ll gift us with nature’s best fertilizer: chicken poop!

Welcome to the new additions!