Shawn, aka the Beastmaster

Last summer, before Tuk Muk was born, Shawn and I spent a lot of time at the SAgE Sammamish Valley Farm helping our farm manager Perry with the student farm - which included many walks around the property. Because the farm sits on 91 protected agricultural acres smack in the middle of Woodinville, it’s home to tons of wildlife. Everything from mice to bunnies to birds of prey. 

Shawn has always felt a kinship with raptors. He has an eagle eye for them (forgive the pun!). One day we joked about raising our arms and having our very own falcons swoop down to land, Beastmaster style. It would be our moment of glory.

Although it hasn’t happened just yet, we've been lucky enough to see peregrine falcons, merlins, turkey vultures and bald eagles at Tuk Muk. And that’s just the raptors. Hummingbirds, crows, blue herons, finches, Canadian geese and a lone snow goose have graced the property. 

In the meantime, Shawn will have to settle for the companionship of our rooster, Nugget. He may not be a peregrine falcon, but he’s looking to be a tough little dude with a golden mane and gorgeous multicolored plumage. Not a bad substitute... ;)