pork Particulars

What Is Pastured Pork?

Our pigs live on native grass pastures with lots of room to roam, run and play. They while away the days rooting in the soil for tender plants, shoots and insects — and on the hot ones, they roll in their wallow, emerging like chocolate covered delights. They dine on loads of fresh fruit and veggies from our farm, plus our wonderful friends and neighbors at Tonnemakers, SAgE and Market Fresh Fruit. Central Co-op in Seattle donates dairy products, like milk, cottage cheese and yogurt. And we supplement this with high-quality organic feed to ensure the pigs' nutritional needs are met. Our pigs are never treated with antibiotics, hormones or steroids; and our pastures are never treated with herbicides or pesticides. The result: healthy, tasty, sustainable pork.

Buying Options

Pork is sold by the quarter, half or whole animal. If you're interested in a quarter, we encourage you to find friends to partner with in order to split a half animal (that way you'll have more choice in your final cuts).

We charge by the pig's "hanging weight," which is its weight after slaughter but before butchering — $6 per pound for quarter or half animal, $5.50 per pound for a whole animal. We cover the slaughter cost and transportation. Butchering fees are charged separately.

Expected cost? $400–600 for a half animal; $900–1100 for a whole hog. After butchery you can expect between 100–150 pounds of meat from a whole hog, depending on the size of the animal. These numbers are approximates only; we will have the final price and weight after slaughter. We plan to slaughter the pigs in December and will keep you updated as the year progresses.

How Do I Reserve My Pork?

We ask you to place a deposit of $100 for quarter and half portions or $200 for a whole hog, and sign a contract that promises the sale of the animal. We accept cash and check payments, and we will invoice you for the balance due once your animal has been slaughtered and weighed.

If you want in on this fantastic (and limited) opportunity, please contact us using the form below, and we’ll get in touch. Thank you for your support!

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